For the Love of Dog

I am in a group show at Mascot Studio in New York.  It is the annual Dog Show that coincides with the Westminster Dog Show. There are a lot of great artists in the exhibit including: Katherine Streeter (Announcement Image), Chris Buzelli, Mark Ulriksen, Anthony Freda, Rodney Greenblat, Anne Watkins, Cameron Woo, Ellen Weinstein, David Flaherty, Hadley Hooper, Victo Ngai, Scott Neary, Theo Jeuken, June Moss, Laura Ellis, Beth Burstein, Matt Shapoff, Amber Sena, Cassidy Iwersen, Damien Cuypers, Paul Moreno, Peter McCaffrey and more...

The opening was last night. It was packed. Afterwards some of the dogs and their illustrator/ muses went out for drinks.                

Katherine Streeter, SooJin Buzelli, Chris Buzelli